Cockos REAPER – 6 11 x86 x64 incl keygen

Year / Release Date: 05/24/2020
Version: 6.11
Developer: Cockos
Developer site: Cockos
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: English, Russian
Tabletka: present
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Cockos Reaper is one of the most complex music-making programmes available, both in the studio and at home. The program’s main feature is that it allows you to edit patterns, keyboards, and sounds. There is no limit to the amount of audio or midi tracks you can create, nor to the number of VST format virtual instruments you can use.
Reaper uses less hard disc space and does not tax the processor as much as the FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, or Sonar series of apps. Even on low-power PCs with sound cards that don’t support Full duplex modes, you can use this programme. However, if your soundcard supports this mode, you’ll have virtually endless options for creating professional-sounding songs in formats like 5 + 1, with additional plug-ins, and 7 + 1.
The program’s compatibility for VST / VST3 plugins, as well as DirectX plugins, is a significant benefit. Both the built-in audio and midi track editing facilities and third-party plugins are available. The ReWire virtual instrument connection mechanism is also supported by the application. You can always see what you’re working on thanks to the aesthetically pleasing UI. The virtual multichannel remote control is always in front of your eyes, allowing you to change the volume and adjust effects on a single track as well as the Master track in real time.

New in version :
rename Metadata window Save button to Apply
add support for more ID3 tag types including TXXX
add $ filename wildcard •
add action to clear all vs just the current scheme
add action / menu item to open project render metadata window
add option to embed automatic BWF metadata even if no other data entered
improve user interface for setting ID3 image file / type
fix INFO metadata display in Windows Explorer
ensure user-supplied iXML metadata is XML-compliant
fix writing images to ID3 tags from filenames with non-ascii characters on Windows
mark project dirty when applying metadata changes
support embedding iXML data in WAV files
Media items
properly account for hidden tracks when cut / copy / pasting items from / to multiple tracks
improve display when moving multiple media items between tracks with different numbers of envelope lanes
if a media item has an empty named take and no item notes, display the take name in the arrange view •
display grouping button on empty items that are grouped
improve behavior when clicking and immediately moving an item very quickly
fix take volume set to zero after importing media with embedded transients using “insert media file” action •
add $ fx wildcard, to list all track and / or take FX
add support for $ itemnote and $ takemarker wildcards
configuration UI improvements
fix sticky project queued render delay •
improve tab order of render dialog controls •
match $ reg to $ region wildcard •
add GetThemeColor () / SetThemeColor ()
add LocalizeString ()
add documentation for new RENDER_SETTINGS flags
implement GetFxByName () for ReWire
ReaScript IDE
improve precision / number formatting in watch window
watch list filter also matches variable values
fix opening file with non-ASCII filename on Windows via Ctrl + R
Lua watch is scanned breadth-first, show references to tables rather than repeating them
improve / optimize watch display
include track names in CUE file when using regions to mark tracks
support basic metadata in CUE files
embed per-track metadata if special project markers are seen, even if no other metadata is entered
Default theme adjuster
add color adjustment
allow translating via language pack
add ‘extend name’ track control alignment mode •
Fx browser
fix potential memory leak when adding instruments
fix key / action assignments for ReWire plug-ins
fix inconsistent up vs down mousewheel scroll rates on track control panel
improve updating various windows on theme change when Metal is enabled
Media explorer
fix action to re-read all metadata for database •
fix reading WAV INFO and CART metadata for database
volume knob affects preview output when routed through tracks
send note-offs to hardware and plug-ins when switching takes •
support bank / program files that contain multiple named banks with the same MSB / LSB •
MIDI editor
support keyboard navigation in CC lane dropdown on Windows
fix actions to insert bank / program, text, and sysex events in piano roll view
add option for horizontal scroll over the mixer to scroll mixer tracks instead of arrange view
mousewheel scroll consistently by one track left and right
Project bay
hide browse button when it is not usable
volume knob affects preview output when routed through tracks
fix VST3 preset import / export on Windows to non-ASCII pathnames
prevent duplicate keyboard notifications being sent to plug-ins on Windows
add Theme Color Controls window for per-theme brightness / contrast / gamma / color adjustment
Automation items
improve properties window text editing behavior
improve responsiveness / scroll behavior of mousewheel on envelope control panel knob
Item menu
fix phase (polarity) invert indicator •
fix reading non-ASCII filenames on Windows
allow unmodified function key shortcuts from within edit controls •
fix incorrect handling of function keys in edit controls
fix PDF export on Windows if REAPER is installed with non-ASCII characters in the path
Project settings
allow saving default project author
fix UTF-8 chat display on Windows
increase max voice limit to 64, default limit to 8
allow denser label spacing when using minimal beats mode with no secondary mode
by default, prompt-for-project dialog selects last opened project, or last opened set of project tabs if multiple tabs were last opened
fix minor UI / performance issues that could occur if system millisecond timer wraps
allow separate configuration of Trim Volume envelope color •
support read / write of u-Law files
improve appearance of some ReaPlugs •

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